X4LIME is combining experiences of Companies building innovative industrial machines for LIME industry with effective data science and analytics expertise, providing industrial companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently.


MANISHRI started as a single proprietor concern in 1972. …


The way we produce #lime is changing.

The energy transiction and the digital revolution are not just about how new lime production technologies, such as the use of alternative fuels or CO2 capture, will benefit businesses and consumers.

It is also about how the lime industry can lead to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Business model innovation, and particularly as-a-Service models, have marked a new era for lime industrial businesses. There is a clear shift to creating value through a customer-centric approach. And without any doubt, the X4LIME Equipment-as-a-Service model is the perfect foundation for increasing customer satisfaction.

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Robecco is a specialist for engineering and electrical installation, automation, gas analysis, control engineering and building systems. In particular, Robecco is renowned for preventive explosion protection systems and solutions, inerting- and monitoring systems.

Made in Germany!

Robecco develops and produces automated control systems with appropriate programming and visualisations.

Diverse solutions

MOSAICO IDO Analytical Skills

MOSAICO digital workforce is equipped with a set of digital competences, in the sense of the set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, abilities and strategies, that are required when we are using Information and Communications Technology and digital media.

The challange

  • Monitor and analyzes the Plant Inlet and Outlet to optimize the process

MOSAICO iDO Analytical Skills

“#iDO Industrial Digital Operator Analytical Skills are a set of Digital Competences that are required to build knowledge, effectively and efficiently”

ZERO challange

  • Squeeze every single 1% of operative margin from an indistrial asset by reducing unplanned downtime, optimizing maintenance costs, providing smart maintenance
  • Provide to Service Manager a tool for maintenance


Combustion Service

Combustion Service S.r.l. was founded in February 1989 primarily as a
Service company for combustion in the iron and steel industry.
Very soon, having noticed that the burners we produce could have a secure market, thanks to their reliability, we moved from the maintenance of any combustion plant and a sale of…

Detecting Anomalies with Artificial Intelligence

The future of work is changing the face of industry as you know it: it’s shaped by a profound transformation, driven by the meshing of the digital and the physical world, the emergence of new design and production techniques, and a seismic shift in the role that human beings play…

Building a brighter future for the people of PNG with our resources and energy projects.

Mayur Resources is developing an industrial minerals, copper gold and power generation platform in Papua New Guinea (PNG) that will contribute to nation-building and job creation for PNG and its people.

Industrial Minerals Mayur’s

Mayur is structured…


We’re shining a light on sustainable and environmentally conscious businesses who are building a better future and leaving their mark on the world. As #COP26 kicked off, industry and political leaders are coming together to plan to protect our future.

We can all make a difference when it comes to…


DIG:ITA is a digital & IIoT powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations.

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